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Vicinity of Kempster Avenue in Ottawa
Our basement flooded a few weeks ago and now looking for renovation options. About 420 square feet
Vicinity of Scott Street in Ottawa
The soil in my backyard is sinking and my fence is listing significantly. The concrete footings for the fence posts are emerging from the ground. One of the posts of my backyard deck is thrusting upwards, causing the entire deck to twist in dangerous ways. Water tends to pool in my yard where no grass grows and the soil is spongy and soft. The soil along the Western boundary of the house is sunken, spongy and a small sinkhole has appeared. The parging on the basement wall on that side of the house has broken off. All the trees on that side of the house are dead or dying. In addition, there is significant loss of soil in the front yard, causing some of my interlock to sag and create depressions. There is an open grate for a storm drain on the West side of my front yard, that appears to connect to the catch basin that runs in front of my house. I am worried that the drain is somehow related to the sagging soil and sinkhole, and want to know if these developments have had any effect on my foundation. Any advice you could provide would be appreciated.
Vicinity of St. Paul Avenue in Ottawa
I had water leaking in my basement at the end of March. I haven't had any problems since. I would like a quote and have someone take a look at my foundation to find out if I do need to do anything. Thank you.
Vicinity of Riverdale Avenue in Ottawa
Hi there, I have a basement window that leaks. It is a recurrent problem that continues despite 2 attempts to fix it. I would like to hear more about your potential solutions and get a quote. Debra
Vicinity of Frontenac Avenue in Ottawa
Would like to get the foundation waterproof and fix some minor cracks. Thank you. Vincent.
Vicinity of Courtland Place in Ottawa
There is a crack on my foundation wall and water is sipping through it. I think the crack is quite long, it is visible on the outside and on the basement wall.
Vicinity of Stiles Crescent in Ottawa
Basement flooded. Not sure of cause but our contractor thinks it is coming in near the window well in the basement due to a foundation issue. Also the floors in the home are sloping so I want to make sure we don't have any other foundation issues. The basement is currently torn up due to the floor and everything is exposed so that you can take a look. Please call me as soon as you can 613-202-1900
Vicinity of Rochester in Ottawa
Hi there, I'd like to install support Jack's to beef up the support in our crawl space. Thanks, Em
Vicinity of Guy St. in Ottawa
Need quote for piers for deck.
Vicinity of Huntersfield Drive in Ottawa
Hi, We are dealing with a high water table causing water seepage in our basement floor (concrete slab). As a result, our basement floor is beginning to show cracks and is likely fatigue. The water seepage appears mainly during the spring thaw, but also when heavy rain occurs in the summer/fall. We would like to discuss options that are available to us (e.g., sump pump) to help deal with this situation.
Vicinity of Lawler Crescent in Ottawa
It is Ok now but when we had some really warm days and a lot of snow melting I had a wet spot on my basement floor carpet.Took a few days of swapping out towels to try to keep it dry. Worried could be a crack in the foundation. I haven't ripped up the carpet to look yet but if you recommend I can do that first.
Vicinity of Lebreton St in Ottawa
Hi There is water leaking into my basement. I'm looking to have it diagnose and an estimate on the repair. I would like to book an appointment to have someone come over. I am available after 4pm on the weekdays, however, if that is not feasible we can determine another time that works for us. It would be more ideal to contact me by my email as my cell connection is not very good during work hours. Thanks Tuan
Vicinity of Tripp Crescent in Ottawa
Looking for a quote for a backup battery sump pump to complement our existing sump pump.
Vicinity of West Lake Circle in Ottawa
There is no sump pump presently ... we don't know how much flooring would need to be destroyed to install one. The basement is developed except in the mechanical room. We will be onsite Friday morning (April 5) if it is possible to get a free quote at that time. Please let me know. Thank you Renata
Vicinity of Kingston Ave in Ottawa
I've had light flooding in my basement and would like to make sure I fix it before it gets worse.
Vicinity of Rangeland Avenue in Ottawa
Dark spots and efflorescence on basement concrete floor. A sump pump exists.
Vicinity of KEYROCK DR in Ottawa
Water leaking from basement wall
Vicinity of in Ottawa
Looking to waterproof new ICF foundation.
Vicinity of Pine Vista Drive in Ottawa
I have two spots where water is entering the unfinished part of my basement. Cracks are on opposite sides of the house, about 6 inches off the floor and approximately 5 feet underground.
Vicinity of Smire Avenue in Ottawa
I own a 80 year old house. The floor had heaved when i purchased it 20 years ago. Would like to see about getting it leveled out to make it more useable.
Vicinity of Pentry Lane in Ottawa
Townhouse on grade (no basement) slab has sunk up to 2+". We completely gutted down to studs and are now rebuilding and want to ensure the slab won't sink anymore (fill the air space void) and/or restore to a somewhat level situation. There is one wall and a post on the slab plus a closet. Size of the area is a hallway with stairs (stairs are floating attached to the side wall) and a back room that is 10'x21'. There is plumbing and a main sewer line under the slab.
Vicinity of Halley Street in Ottawa
Basement foundation has a crack inside and is leaking a lot of water
Vicinity of Westhill Avenue in Ottawa
Hydrostatic pressure (cracks in floor) that results in standing water when at its worst. A recently finished basements in a 1950s construction.
Vicinity of Springland Drive in Ottawa
Every time in the last week that we hav a thaw water is coming in my basement seems to be between the wall and floor seems
Vicinity of Kilbarry Cre in Ottawa
I occasionally have water that leaks into the middle of my residences basement and am in search of practical solutions to eliminate this problem thanks Paul
Vicinity of in Ottawa
There are problems in my unfinished basement with water
Vicinity of Forman Ave. in Ottawa
Hello. Moldy/midewy smell and efflorescence on basement floor.
Vicinity of Oldfield St in Ottawa
I have discovered a crack in my foundation that is leaking water into my basement. I would like an estimate for repair. Thank you.
Vicinity of Wilshire Ave in Ottawa
Our home has an addition from the 1960's with a block foundation that has a horizontal crack and slightly bowed. Mostly likely caused by a tree that used to be adjacent to the wall. Would like to look into carbon fibre stitching. Thanks
Vicinity of Harvard Ave in Ottawa
Water is getting into the finished basement mostly through the garage which is at the same level as the basement; but also on the south side of the foundation wall. Musty and want to ensure healthy air quality etc.
Vicinity of Twin Falls Place in Ottawa
We have a crack. No water issues but not sure if it requires structural support or just filled. It runs into the corner of our garage. We have a smaller crack on the other side of the house too but again, no water issues. We don't think either crack runs into basement. The one crack though is a decent size and the concrete in the garage is pulled out too. Would like a structural engineer/expert to look at it.
Vicinity of Quinpool Cr in Ottawa
I have a crack in my foundation and water is getting into my basement through it.
Vicinity of Maitland Ave in Ottawa
We need a quote on installation of French drainage about 15 feet
Vicinity of Ballycastle Crescent in Ottawa
Hi. I have an issue in my home with Iron Ocre (iron batteria). It's clogging my two sumps. :( Would like some ideas on how to properly deal with it. Thanks!
Vicinity of Glenbrook Way in Ottawa
Water seepage in basement under flooring, source unknown.
Vicinity of Gavin Street in Ottawa
I have had water leaks in my foundation which I have had fixed. Several of my neighbours have had a lot of water issues and have had sump pumps installed. I am aware that there is often water sitting by my foundation and there is always a musty smell in my basement. I am wondering if this would be alleviated if I were to install a sump pump.
Vicinity of Buell Street in Ottawa
Hi -- I have a (recently purchased) house with an extension that seems to have developed some foundation issues during last week's storm. The main house is over 100 years old and the extension goes back to at least 1950. The only issues we have at this point are in the extension. After last week's storms, we had lots of water in the basement of this section that has since dried up, but a corner of the foundation seems to have developed some damage as well. It looks like there used to be a sump pump in this space but it's definitely not there any more as the pit is clearly filled in. The space is unfinished so the foundation is exposed. Happy to send you a photo if that helps, too. I'm looking for information on what the issue is, how we can fix it for now, and of course, a long term solution so it doesn't happen again. Can you help? Thanks! -robyn
Vicinity of Topley Crescent in Ottawa
Foundation crack horizontal on length of back foundation wall have had pavement ants too.
Vicinity of Kings Grove Crescent in Ottawa
Hi, We would like to have a sump pump installed. Water has come from underneath our house on last weeks rain. Please let us know how much would it cost to have a sump pump installed (new hole and pit required) Thank you!
Vicinity of Maitland Street in Ottawa
Big foundation problem, blocks in the cold room under the entrance stairs have big gaps, there was water last week after the heavy rains and coming to the finished part of the basement.
Vicinity of King Edward Avenue in Ottawa
We live in an old stone heritage home at 176 King Edward Avenue in Ottawa. We have a small amount of dry rot on some of the support beams in the crawlspace under the house. During our home inspection, it was recommended that we have small jack posts installed to reinforce the beams near the beam pockets. We also have a small crack that we may want to have addressed. Would it be possible to have someone come by, take a look, and provide a quote?
Vicinity of Thornton Ave in Ottawa
Just took possession of house three weeks ago and water in basement during Wednesday storm.
Vicinity of Marlborough Avenue in Ottawa
I need to do a basement waterproofing before finishing the basement for my newly purchased property
Vicinity of Devonwood Circle in Ottawa
Advice on wet basement wall.
Vicinity of Fairmeadow Crescent in Ottawa
I'm looking to obtain a quote for the purchase and installation of a sump-pump. Thanks
Vicinity of Fairbanks Avenue in Ottawa
Basement leeks
Vicinity of Hamelin Cres in Ottawa
Hi there, Looking to seal off my crawl space. My crawl space currently has gravel and we're concerned about our air quality. Thanks, Chris
Vicinity of Craig Henry Dr in Ottawa
I have a few cracks in the foundation of my house and I am not sure if it is serious or not. It is on the garage. I would like someone to come and check it out to let me know.
Vicinity of Scout Street in Ottawa
Wet basement wall/floor
Vicinity of Westcliffe Rd in Ottawa
Water seepage in basement
Vicinity of Russell Ave. in Ottawa
We have to reinforce the inside of our basement.
Vicinity of Tillbury Ave in Ottawa
Sonotube piling supporting addition over garage has failed and northwest corner of house has sunk 3-4 inches. Need to replace footing and jack up corner of house. Windows will be replaced afterwards.
Vicinity of Juno Avenue in Ottawa
Would like to explore excavating semi-finished 20X5.5 crawl space under addition and turning it into usable room... finished with studs optional.
Vicinity of Kehoe St in Ottawa
I have two sump pumps and they are old. As well, on one the pipe burst Friday night. It is supposed to discharge out the basement wall which means I need a system that will allow me in the spring to hook up piping that will direct the flow across my lawn to the street. I also think I need a larger pipe to facilitate better water discharge The second pump has buried piping and is supposed to discharge to the street. The pipe in the ground is broken and while I have a temporary fix I need a permanent solution. this pump is a backup and only comes on when the water reaches a set level. I need one of my new pumps to have a back up battery system that will last a few days if the power should go out
Vicinity of Armstrong in Ottawa
Disclaimer: I conditionally own the home. it's a very small crawlspace and my home inspector wouldn't go inside. I want to have someone tell me what is going on in there, and what it would cost to remediate any issues and make it more energy efficient. I would be willing to pay for this. Please let me know if this is something you might be able to do.
Vicinity of Hutton Ave in Ottawa
I had water in the basement. Looking for advise on what to do and what was the cause.
Vicinity of Edgar St in Ottawa
Older home with rubble foundation. Some moisture, crumbling and efflorescence in basement, but no water. would like to reduce moisture and lengthen life of foundation.
Vicinity of Audrey Avenue in Ottawa
I have a very small amount of water residue i will call it in the front corner of my basement that i would like fixed or water proofed. We cannot finish our basement until this stage is done, and we require some professional options
Vicinity of Nd Ave in Ottawa
Hi I have a basement that needs support beams as floor is tilted we have wood Beans stone foundation and wood support in the middle but none on sides I am looking for support beams and tilt correction from interior Not a external fix It is one wall that is tilted
Vicinity of Hutton Ave in Ottawa
I had an extension added to my home 18 years ago. One corner has sunk 3 inches, I'm looking to have it fixed.
Vicinity of Byron Ave in Ottawa
Interested in a quote for a battery back up sump for a residential house.
Vicinity of Burland St. in Ottawa
I live in an older house with a three foot crawl space which has a sandy soil base. My floor appears to be sagging and I suspect a couple of beams may be subsiding. Anyway, I'd like someone to take a look and let me know what it's going to take to deal with it.
Vicinity of Confederation Private in Ottawa
I found water come up from basement floor because of cracks maybe. Need your help. Could you plz stop by and do a free estimate? Thanks!
Vicinity of Pleasant Park Road in Ottawa
There is an extension on the bungalow which has been cut off during winter for 10 years or more. The extension has crawlspace which is not well connected to the house basement. Now I want to properly upgrade it and turn it into a master bedroom. So I want the crawlspace checked, updated and insulated properly. Hopefully thats possible.
Vicinity of Arlington in Ottawa
Recently purchased 100-year old home has water in one part of unfinished basement. Would like to explore options and costs. Thanks.
Vicinity of Meadowbank Drive in Ottawa
I had a basement window sealed up about 9 years ago and it is leaking. I pulled down the drywall and yes, it was set. I need an expert to come in and go thru options with me. Thanks Grant
Vicinity of Morin St in Ottawa
We have water leaking in on the side of the house
Vicinity of Stirling Ave in Ottawa
Water leakage to basement- coming in on floor through walls. Old home- built in 1936. Hoping for inspection on what the issues are and estimate to repair.
Vicinity of Wildbriar Way in Ottawa
Leak in basement wall
Vicinity of Duberry in Ottawa
I need some parging repaired. I would like the work done as soon as the weather allows.
Vicinity of Avenue O in Ottawa
Replace aged pump with new system and add check valve. Space is cold in winter and hot in summer. Ideas for this issue as well.
Vicinity of Wingate Dr. in Ottawa
Sump pump installation and foundation waterproofing
Vicinity of Westhill Ave in Ottawa
We had flooding in our basement on October 30 - likely the result of the significant rainfall that day - and need help determining the source of of the water infiltraiton.
Vicinity of Rosebella Ave in Ottawa
Water coming in my basement in between the sill plate and top of foundation. I assume the membrane behind my brick is ripped. I've already repaired 2 rips this year by removing a few bricks and repairing the membrane. I'M looking for opinions besides removing my bricks and replacing the entire membrane. This only happens when we have blowing rain against the brick. Pretty sure water is entering through the weeping holes as it runs down my brick. My home is all brick.
Vicinity of Forest Valley Drive in Ottawa
The floors in our house are not level due to Leda Clay. Our house is structural sound and we have a Engineering report showing the floor variances. We have no leaking or cracks in the walls, but the floors are not level. Is there anything that your company can do to level the floors in the front of the house. Thank you.
Vicinity of Byron Ave in Ottawa
See above. Hi. I need to reshedule my Monday at 8am as a work situation has arisen. I tried to call but your answer machine is not configured. Will be after 26 Nov. Thanks.
Vicinity of Marquis Ave in Ottawa
We have had a leak in a corner of our basement which has damaged the wall and floor (perhaps 10'x10' of floor). There is also mold.
Vicinity of Edgeland Place in Ottawa
Basement flooded on Monday Oct 30 after the heavy rain on Sunday night. Concerned about hydrostatic pressure and foundation cracks. House from 1959, weeping tile most likely disfunctional by now.
Vicinity of Highland Avenue in Ottawa
We have water infiltration in our basement and want to make it waterproof. It is an old house (early 1900s), with a low basement (6ft 1). Foundation is poured concrete. There has been minor infiltration for a long time.
Vicinity of Cresthill St in Ottawa
Water gets into the basement during heavy rainfall. It seems to be coming from one side/corner or the basement, from the utility room/crawl space, but I do not know the exact location. Fixed and installed new eavestroughs to direct water away from the property, but water is still getting in during heavy rainfall, although not as much. Would like to know what can be done internally to waterproof the basement, such as crack filling/repairs or some sort of internal french drain system. Thank you
Vicinity of MANITOU Drive in Ottawa
Looking to replace weeping tile and install waterproof membrane on 3 sides of house (approximately 140 linear feet). We live on a severe slope with no access to heavy equipment so work would have to be done by hand. Could I get an email quote of approximate cost to do this work? Thanks! Chris
Vicinity of Shelley Avenue in Ottawa
We found water in our basement last week. We suspect that it might be do to the French drain as the drywall is completely dry. We would like to have an estimate on how much it would cost to fix it and the work to be done this month.
Vicinity of Gainsborough Ave. in Ottawa
We had some water in our basement after the recent rains. Pretty sure it came through the foundation. Just looking for a quote!
Vicinity of Wentworth Ave in Ottawa
100 year old house, block foundation, walls leak in heavy rainstorms
Vicinity of Famlit in Ottawa
I have a leak in my basement through a cracked wall
Vicinity of Fairmont Ave in Ottawa
Hello, I have a 125 yr old home in the Civic hospital area. I have a leak in one area of my foundation and it is flooding my basement. Looking for repair options. Thanks, Lukasz
Vicinity of Goren Ave in Ottawa
I have a crack in my foundation wall that is causing the basement to flood. I need someone to come out and give us a quote on the repair and any other remediation measures that may be needed.
Vicinity of Edison Avenue in Ottawa
Crack in the foundation and drainage membrane We want to correct the surface grading in the alley between our house and the neighbour's. There will be soil added plus crushed stones... BUT before that we need, if necessary, to fix the following problems: 1. We have a small crack in the foundation wall of our house. It has been there since it was built in 2000. Do you recommend to fix it? Determine if the small crack in the foundation is allowing water to infiltrate into the basement (test inside our home). If so, we want to have this crack fixed. I could send you 2 photos but don't know how to upload them in your website. 2. With the soil around the foundation settling over the years, the foundation's waterproof membrane is exposed and pulled down. Is there anything to fix before raising the soil along our house? The distance along our house is 53 feet. I could send you photos if it would help. Thank you. Estelle Perrault
Vicinity of Fairbanks Avenue in Ottawa
Hi, I have a foundation crack in my house, it is a hybrid poured concrete with cement blocks on top of it. The house is currently undergoing renovation and the foundation is accessible, no need for excavation. Thank you.
Vicinity of Neptune Way in Ottawa
Water coming in the basement and would like to have it fixed
Vicinity of Blackdome Crescent in Ottawa
One area of basement is wet.
Vicinity of Scarlet Ct. in Ottawa
Two diagonal basement wall foundation cracks, looking for a quote on an interior epoxy fill. Walls are bare and cracks are exposed.
Vicinity of Sable Ridge Drive in Ottawa
Since this heavy rain this May-June, I am having water bubbles popping in basement floor. I have mostly finished basement with Drycore underlay and carpeted except the furnace room area where I can see these bubbles in the cracks in the concrete floor and some water flowing to the drain when it rains coming from underneath the Drycore flooring. I have back water valve where it seems to have a high water flow coming all the time from the weeping tiles and going to city storm water sewer system. By this it looks like the weeping tiles may be functioning OK. I do not have the sump pump. Not sure why this water flow is continuous.
Vicinity of Quinn Rd in Ottawa
I have some cracks in thee foundation of my bungalow that look like they need to be repaired. I would like to find out what can be done and am looking for an estimate.
Vicinity of Knox Crescent in Ottawa
We are selling our house and we decided to get our cinder block foundation checked seeing there was concern by potential buyers about it. The company the realtor brought in told us we need to get our foundation redone. We would like another quote before deciding who to go with. thanks Anna
Vicinity of Alta Vista in Ottawa
Looking to paint concrete foundation to match brick (was waterproofed last year and think parging is good, but want to doublecheck. Also looking at concrete paint for front-walkway (with crack repair) and steps. Have selected colours. Also looking for estimate on garage - waterproofing concrete blocks, repairing cracks, and painting.... so two separate estimates.
Vicinity of MacLaren Street in Ottawa
We recently bought a centretown house with a stone foundation. One part of the basement used to be a crawlspace. As part of a renovation, the previous owners dug out the crawlspace, leaving the base of the stone wall exposed in that area without support. We'd like to get an estimate for remediation.
Vicinity of Norton Avenue in Ottawa
Cracks in foundation
Vicinity of Bayside Private in Ottawa
Repair parging on side of house Fix deteriorated foundation at corner of garage, below brick.
Vicinity of Bell St. South in Ottawa
The 2 story front porch on my house and the attached house needs support post replacements.
Vicinity of PLUM TREE CRES in Ottawa
Sweaty/wet garage and basement floor slab.
Vicinity of Felicia Crescent in Ottawa
Vicinity of Stirling Ave in Ottawa
Our house is for sale and we learned today through a building inspector for the buyer that the main support in the basement crawl space has buckled and failed so it needs to be deqlt with right away. We need an estimate as soon as possible please. Thanks.
Vicinity of Leonard Avenue in Ottawa
I would like a quote in stall helical piers for a small deck/landing and fence posts.
Vicinity of Gilchrist in Ottawa
1930s house noticeably sinking floors on main and second storey.
Vicinity of Cheshire Road in Ottawa
We have a crack in the foundation that has been there for some years but recently it has been leaking when it rains hard. I was hoping to arrange for an estimate. My availability is limited during the week but I am available the afternoon of Friday, May 19th,
Vicinity of Richardson in Ottawa
My basement floor is wet in a few places; this occurred after heavy rains during the winter thaw of the surrounding property. The issue is confined to a section at the back of the house and a small area at the front. I would like am estimate to remedy the situation so that the house can be put up for sale.
Vicinity of Somerset in Ottawa
Have an old unfinished basement that is now storage for a store and would like a quote on what should be done to keep product safe. Thanks!
Vicinity of Daniel Ave in Ottawa
70 year old single detached house has a fair bit of cracked parging around the perimeter of the block wall foundation. Some areas have several layers of thick parging with chunks breaking off, leaving small areas of foundation exposed to the elements. Seeking opinions and estimates to fix. No issues with water (yet!). Foundation dimensions approx 28 ft x 25 ft. Thanks in advance.
Vicinity of Hyannis in Ottawa
Hello, I hope this email finds you well. My husband and I are in the process of purchasing another home in Barrhaven however, after a house inspection, the house inspector found two small cracks with a small leak in the basement wall. Before we seal the deal we would like to know how much work it would involve, when you would be available to complete the work and of course the cost to repair. Would you available this week to take a look and "assess the situation." Thank you kindly. I look forward to hearing from you soon, Valerie 613-266-1749
Vicinity of Beaconwood in Ottawa
We manage about 850 rental townhomes across Ottawa, We have calls every so often and need a reliable company that can provide excellent feedback in a timely manner and has competitive quotes. The 1996 Beaconwood address has just experienced water in the basement and we need someone to check this out for us. Chris..
Vicinity of in Ottawa
Looking for a quote for my backyard retaining wall, previous is PT wood, some at the bottom looks decent, uppers are failing, looking for a quote to repair, thanks Randy
Vicinity of Ridgeburn Gate in Ottawa
Sinking garage pad. Quote to mud jack if possible in the dipping area. House was built in early 70's on leda clay also. Garage slab is getting worse. This year noticed now the sinking by at least 1/2" the corner exterior wall which adjoins the garage corner and house The vinyl siding top nail hems are exposed now in that specific area, which I suspect indicates sinking or other. Wooden garage side entrance door is dipping also (all in the same zone)..
Vicinity of Glenhurst Cres. in Ottawa
Small crack in foundation - appears to be a settlement crack -poured concrete basement (built 1968) -Vertical (more or less) -1/16" wide (or less for the most part) -no water coming in - basement is dry and has been since owning the house for 5 years -starts at the corner of a window goes to bottom of foundation -fully accessible from the inside - unfinished basement section -looks like a very old crack (to my untrained eye) it was hiding behind a wall I recently removed
Vicinity of in Ottawa
We have cracks in the basement. House built in the 60's
Vicinity of Chapel Street in Ottawa
I have a brand new construction building with a basement access door and water is leaking in under the door. I am looking for a solution (and a price) to solve the issue.
Vicinity of Foxview Place in Ottawa
We have a sloped driveway that leads into the basement garage. We are considering rising the driveway to keep it leveled and adding a retaining wall at the end between the garage/house and the now elevated driveway. We are looking to repair or replace the two walls currently found on each side of the sloping driveway.
Vicinity of Lane Street in Ottawa
30x40 rectangular block foundation with crawl space. There has been settling.
Vicinity of Canyon Walk Drive in Ottawa
Small crack in foundation lets in water.
Vicinity of Harbour View Street in Ottawa
My sister is selling her house and upon's the inspection (the buyer's inspector) it was noted that there was a small vertical crack on the wall that they would like repaired (there is not water penetration). Inspector's notes are below. Thank you. "Fixing the vertical crack observed on the left side of the basement foundation to prevent crack expansion and possible water penetration. Parging should be professionally applied to protect against water penetration and foundation deterioration."
Vicinity of Panandrick in Ottawa
Please quote installation of 6 helical deck foundation piers (4x4 saddle) for a small deck I am installing. Thanks - Aaron Helleman
Vicinity of Trenton Ave in Ottawa
I have a cinder block foundation which is crumbling under the weight of the main support beam for the house. It was cosmetically repaired by another company a couple of years ago but that work was insufficient. It is causing shifting in the house so certain doors now cannot close.
Vicinity of Barnstone in Ottawa
My mother has a basement condo whereby the balcony (below grade) fills with water and will not drain into the drainage hole after a rainfall. Wondering if you have the expanding foam that can level it so it drains properly
Vicinity of Marguerite in Ottawa
Water infiltration in the basement on every side that needs to be fix. The water infiltration usually in the winter during the month of February if it rains and in the spring. would need a reasonable quotation and work done before October 1st. PS: is a concrete block foundation and the house was built in the 50's. Thanks in advance for your help!
Vicinity of Aylmer in Ottawa
Existing masonry wall (approx. 40' long/ 4' high) is cracked & broken due to tree roots; Would like a quote to repair/replace wall (not necessarily to same style, i.e. rock with mortar, but rather whatever functions best)
Vicinity of Agincourt Rd in Ottawa
2 cracks in the foundation one leaked a year ago before I regraded the soil.
Vicinity of Firestone Cres in Ottawa
I'm interested in getting my crawl space repaired with Crawl Space Jack Posts
Vicinity of Mohrs Rd in Ottawa
My wife and I have purchased a property that includes a 100yr old barn. The first floor walls are all concrete and need some repair and bolstering to retain the structural strength. No below grade work required. Approximate dimensions - 150X50ft @8ft high including inside and out = 6400 sqft. Plans are to address the outside surface first i.e. as soon as we can find an solution / estimate we can afford.
Vicinity of Pinhey St. in Ottawa
Structure & foundation
Vicinity of Pamilla St in Ottawa
The basement wall is bowing inward, its a cinder block wall. The length is approx. 15m I was wondering if an approx cost quote could be given. Thank you
Vicinity of Arthur Street in Ottawa
Structural support repairs as per engineer report specs.
Vicinity of Pleasant Park Road in Ottawa
1956 bungalow needs reparging
Vicinity of Sioux in Ottawa
We are putting a sunroom into the back of our house. The technical drawings call for 6 helical posts.

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