5 Levels of Air Quality Danger

5 Levels of Air Quality Danger - Image 1


Sometimes the air in your home may not seem so ‘fresh’. You breathe in and it’s stuffy or your nose itches from allergies. Or, on a more serious note, you breathe so much Radon into your lungs – eventually you’re not breathing at all. There are many reasons why the air quality in your home isn't at fresh as it could be. Investing in a radon mitigation system and an air purifier. 

Having the air quality in your home improve on the smallest level provides much needed comfort, and at the highest – could save you and your family’s lives. So it’s always a benefit.

The lowest danger level comes from Toxic Compounds.

These come from chemicals, off-gassing, odors and pollutants (volatile Organic Compounds) come from carpets, paints, stains and more. New items like these can produce toxic chemicals that you breathe in everyday for years, it doesn’t help that homes are being constructed tighter, trapping them in for even longer. Newly built homes and buildings commonly have high toxic compound levels. It can take up to 7 years for a home’s VOC levels to fall into the safe zone. 

Danger level 2 consists of infectious illnesses.

The cold, flu, and other various germs of viruses are naturally carried into your home by pets from outside. Once they get in the house, they become airborne and get sucked into the air distribution system to be pumped back into the house over and over. 

Danger Level 3: Allergens and Particulates.

The reason why allergy season never ends for some, as when the season for pollen and grass ends – in comes the snow and the people disappear into their homes. There, they breathe in dust, animal dander and mold spores. Most indoor environments trap airborne allergens where they can pose a risk to respiratory health.

Danger level 4: Microbial Growth.

Micro-organisms are mold and fungal spores that float around in the home and can cause serious health effects. Mold is the most commonly searched indoor air quality issue on the internet, and for good reason. Mold, when it grows in abundance in areas it shouldn’t be, can reach toxic levels and become a health hazard. Most high levels of mold are caused by either inadequate ventilation in unfinished areas of the home and moisture intrusion. 

Danger level 5: Dangerous gases

These gases are both odorless, tasteless, invisible gases with a potentially deadly impact on your family. Breathing in low levels over time will cause eventual health issues. With continued exposure with Radon it is known to increase the chances are lung related cancers, about 2nd largest cause of lung cancer behind Cigarette smoking. 


It is paramount that homes old or new are properly sealed and with an efficient radon mitigation system. If you have concerns with your homes air quality, please don't hesitate to reach out and book an appointment and get your home checked. Were just a click/phone call away!


5 Levels of Air Quality Danger - Image 2

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