Saggy floors

Thursday, August 5th, 2021 by Vanessa Myre

Sagging floors are never a good sign, and if the problem is not dealt with it will become a hazard in your home. There are three main causes to sagging floors.

The first one is when existing columns are spaced too far apart. When a crawlspace is built, block or brick (or even sometimes wood) columns are located throughout the crawl space to support the structure above. If the columns are spaced too far apart, the beam can become overloaded and sag between the columns. This makes the grider sag with it along with the floor above.

The second is when floor joists and girders have weakened. Because Crawlspaces are unsealed from the earth, excess moisture and humidity is a problem. And when wood has been exposed to moisture and humidity it begins to rot, get moldy and become weak.  This means it can no longer support the weight of the floor above it – making it become bouncy, soft and possibly saggy.

And finally the last reason why floors may sag is due to the existing columns settling.  Just like the rest of your foundation, the columns rest on soil that may become unstable due to erosion and added moisture into the ground. This will cause the columns to sink into the ground, making the floors above them uneven.

If you think your floors are sagging due to any of the above issues, give the Foundation Guys a call for a free assessment.

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